The function of the nephron segments

  1. Identify the cellular function of several segments of the nephron
  2. Describe the transport of substances (Na+, K+, Cl, Glucose, etc.) and water in each segment of the nephron: PT, DLH, ALH, DT and DT
  3. Describe the mechanism of transport in each nephron segment
  4. Define the normal range (percentage) of reabsorption or secretion of Na+, K+, water, etc. along the nephron under both normal volume and in volume depletion
  5. Describe the transport of solute and water in absence of hormonal control
  6. Describe the fine-tune of solute and water transport that require hormonal control
  7. Recognize how the anatomical arrangement of the nephron produce highly effective transport of solute and water
  8. Identify the importance of the concentration gradient between cortex and medulla of the nephron
  9. Describe the countercurrent mechanism
  10. Identify the importance of the countercurrent mechanism occurring between ALH and the DLH