Regulation of potassium by the nephron

  1. Describe the importance of K+ regulation in the Extracellular Fluid (ECF)
  2. Describe the body homeostasis of K+
  3. Identify the factors influence the K+ distribution among the fluid extracellular (ECF) and the intracellular (ICF)
  4. Compare the action of hyperosmotic and hypoosmotic ECF in the K+ distribution
  5. Compare the action of metabolic acidosis and alkalosis in ECF in the K+ distribution
  6. Describe the level in H+ during both [Ca++ ] and [Pr] changes
  7. Describe the transport of K+ along the tubular segments of the nephron during normal or increased [K+] and during [K+] depletion.
  8. Describe the secretion of K+ by the principal cell of the distal tubule and the cortical collecting duct
  9. Describe the mechanism controlling the K+ secretion by aldosterone
  10. Compare the cellular mechanism in the ╬▒-intercalated cells and Principal cells in K+ reabsorption and secretion in the late distal tubule (DT) and early collecting duct (CD)