Water movement between body compartments

  1. Calculate shift of water between body compartments
  2. Describe the Darrow-Yannet diagram
  3. Identify the associated changes during homeostasis of volume and osmolality in the Darrow–Yannet (DY) diagram
  4. Use the Darrow –Yannet (DY) diagram to describe unbalance conditions in body water and osmolality
  5. Define the DY diagram given a condition (i.e. dehydration, primary adrenal insufficiency (hypotonic volume contraction), etc.)
  6. Describe how plasma protein concentration [Pr] and hematocrit (Hct) can be used to define status of hydration under physiological or pathological situations
  7. Describe how changes in plasma volume can affect Hct and [Pr] whereas plasma concentration affects only Hct
  8. Describe volume expansion and contraction under isotonic, hyperosmotic and hyposmotic conditions and situations in which the previous conditions occur