Cellular Neurophysiology in Legroj’ lectures present a concise overview of the basic properties of excitable cells in the nervous system and introduces basic science principles relevant in the clinical expression of Channelopathies and the importance of the use of some neurotoxins. Each chapter incorporates a selection presented in sequence and using in many cases animated presentations. The video-casts presented in this web site are intended to supplement the instruction in the cellular neurophysiology section of the Medical Neuroscience course. It is recommended to student to use a text book and suggested original bibliography. These notes present supplementary material, but are not meant to replace standard texts.
Emphasis is focused on the general principles of cellular neurophysiology. The resting membrane properties and active membrane properties of excitable cells are discussed. A detailed outline is also presented.
The question to be answer along the content of this site are:

  • What are the physical basis to explain the voltage gradient (Vm) existing across all cell membranes at rest?
  • How are receptor potentials and action potentials produced?
  • How are receptor and action potential propagated along the nerve fibers?
  • What membrane properties are altered during nerve demyelinization and what are its implications?

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