Renal Physiology

Renal Physiology in Legier’ lectures presents a concise overview of renal physiology and introduces the basic sciences principles relevant in the clinical expression of renal diseases. Each chapter incorporates a selection of pedagogical aids, presented in sequence and in many cases using animated presentations and with audio. The video-casts in this web site have the purpose to supplement the instruction in the renal physiology section of the Medical Physiology course. It is recommended to the students to utilize the suggested original bibliography. These notes represent supplementary material, and do not replace the recommended textbooks. The emphasis is the general principles governing glomerular filtration and the tubular transport of various solutes and water. Major topics covered include: mechanisms regulating glomerular filtration; epithelial transport by the various nephron segments; paracrine, endocrine and neural control mechanisms; renal regulation of acid-base balance; and the multifaceted regulation of salt and water balance.

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